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Here on Citrus Chalkboard I value privacy for myself as well as for my website visitors. For this reason, I have been comparing options for how to track how many visitors I receive to my various websites and which pages they visit. This, along with what referred each visitor to my site, is really all I want to know. I don’t need to know your personal information and have no desire to obtain it. I also don’t like handing that information over to the likes of Google via their Analytics tools. For that reason, I have researched several alternative analytics tools, including Matomo, Heap, Web3, and Independent Analytics. I opted to give Independent Analytics a go as they offered an easy to install *free* plugin for WordPress along with a concise and simple interface where I can get the information I want without all the massive information overload that Google and others offer.

To test this new analytics tool, I am creating this blog post and hope to see just how it performs. Once I’ve given it a little time, I will return with a follow-up post to share my thoughts on Independent Analytics. See you again soon!

Independent Analytics plugin page


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